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 Aylesbury wedding photography, father walks the bride down the aisleAylesbury wedding photography, Aylesbury register office

Aylesbury wedding photography, Aylesbury Register OfficeAylesbury wedding photography, the craftyard pub

bride and groom next to  Aylesbury register officebride and groom at Aylesbury craftyard pubbride and groom in Aylesbury craft yard pub

Aylesbury wedding photography, bride and groom with red and white stripes umbrella Aylesbury wedding photography, the craftyard pub

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Aylesbury Wedding Photographer

I have a real passion for travel and love visiting different cities and town. That is why I always wanted to see Aylesbury. For sure, I can say that being a wedding photographer is super cool because I can travel and visit places. I finally got an enquiry about a wedding in Aylesbury. In no time, I answered "YES" and agreed to be an Aylesbury Wedding Photographer for the day!

My clients planned the registration in the Aylesbury Register Office, followed by a small wedding reception at home.

Aylesbury Wedding Photographer in Aylesbury Register Office 

I quite often have multicultural weddings. So, this time was no exception. The bride's family was from Poland, and the groom's family was from India. Both families were friendly with each other. For example, both mothers were sitting together in the Aylesbury Register Office and were chatting non-stop :) But let me describe to you the order of events.

At first, I arrived at the Aylesbury Register Office. It is the iconic County Hall building with its history. After that, I met the bride and groom next to the Register office. They introduced me to their families. Both families were lovely and friendly. We had some chat, exchanged some jokes and went to  The John Hampden Room - HP20 1XF.

The ceremony lasted for about 25 minutes. Everyone was standing and waiting for the bride to enter. Her father walked the bride down the aisle. And the couple sat on the chairs. 

The bride was very emotional during the ceremony. The bride and groom said their vows. After that, the bride's grandmother passed a wedding ring to the bride. For sure, It was a heart-touching moment. The bride and groom exchanged rings and signed the marriage certificate.

After the ceremony, we went outside, and I took some group shots. I suggested that the bride and groom can stay, so we have some nice pictures before their home party.

Aylesbury Wedding Photographer in Craftyard 

After the Register Office, all guests and family drove back home to do some preparation for a home party. It was rainy but warm. So, we decided to walk to the Craftyard in Aylesbury. The Craftyard is a good pub not far from the Buckinghamshire Register Office. 

I took some pictures on the way to the pub. After that, I was photographing inside. The staff in the pub in the pub was friendly, so they allowed us to come in and use their pub for pictures. Certainly, the wedding shots in the pub were romantic and creative.

Picween Aylesbury Wedding Photographer Home Wedding Party

As I mentioned earlier, my clients had their wedding party at home. So, I drove to their address. I was taking candid pictures of all guests and family members. All people were friendly and smiling. Most importantly, the groom was cooking food himself. His food was simply delicious. It's a rare thing to meet a groom cooking so well.

All guests were enjoying conversations and food. Meanwhile, I was taking pictures of kids, groups of people and all most important moments. I also suggested to some guests that we could make individual portraits. They gladly agreed, and I worked individually with some guests.

Picween Aylesbury Wedding Photographer Private Wedding Photoshoot

When the bride and groom had their food, I suggested making a private wedding photoshoot in the room upstairs. I made some romantic pictures on the staircase. After that, we went to the room, and I took individual wedding portraits of the bride and groom. I just asked them to interact and be natural. They were telling jokes to each other and laughing. I was delighted because I captured their sincere emotions. 

To sum up, I was glad to be an Aylesbury wedding photographer. For sure, I will go to Aylesbury again.

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