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London Harrow Wedding PhotographerLondon Harrow Council Wedding Photographer

London Harrow wedding photographerLondon Harrow Wedding Photographer\London Harrow Wedding Photographer

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Harrow Wedding Photographer

In this paragraph, I am going to tell you about my experience as a Harrow wedding photographer.

 It was a lovely day in March. I arrived at the bride's house early in the morning. And we started our wedding photoshoot. The bride's friend was helping her with hair and wedding makeup. The bride's friend was a makeup artist, so she made a lovely natural make up.

Firstly, I took some images of the wedding decoration, jewellery, wedding dress and shoes. Then I was taking pictures of the wedding preparation itself. 

The bride was very excited to get dressed and go to the ceremony as soon as possible!

Picween Harrow Wedding Photographer in London Harrow Council

After that, we drove to the London Harrow Council where the bride had her wedding registration. The bride booked a beautiful white wedding car, so we had nice pictures on the way to Harrow Register Office. The groom arrived a bit later with his family. They all were lovely and friendly. And we had around 20 minutes to make candid wedding pictures outside the Harrow Registrar. 

The Harrow Register Office was nice. The room for the ceremony was quite big and beautiful. Hence, all images from there were beautiful. Two cute little girls entered the ceremony room before the bride. The wedding ceremony lasted for about 20 minutes. During the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged rings and signed the registration book. I was shooting all the time during the ceremony.

Harrow Wedding Photographer next to the Harrow Register Office

After the ceremony, I took some shots of guests throwing confetti next to the Harrow Register Office. Guests left very soon. However, I stayed with the bride and groom and took some private wedding shots. The couple asked me for some guidance about posing. And I gladly helped them to make their natural wedding shots. For instance, I was showing them some poses on my phone. 

Harrow Wedding Photographer in Venue 5, Field End Road, Eastcote

After that, we drove to the Venue 5 restaurant, Field End Road in Eastcote where the bride and groom had their reception with family and guests. They had a lovely cake, champagne glasses and decoration table. The food in the Venue 5 was really tasty. 

Picween Harrow Wedding Photographer photo walk

After Venue 5 restaurant in Eastcote, we had a private wedding photoshoot. The bride and groom were smiling and happy in their pictures. They also were quite relaxed because they finally had their tasty food. 

To sum up, I really enjoyed being there and I certainly would like to be a wedding photographer in Harrow again. 

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