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Autumn photoshoot in Milton Keynes

Hi Folks! Let me share with you a story about my photo shoot with beautiful Anna.

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Portrait Photographer Milton Keynes

On the day of our photo shoot, Anna was a bit under the weather. I started taking pictures at her flat, in the wonderful and the most amazing place on earth - Milton Keynes! :)

I brought a few clothes for Anna to model, as girls always have nothing to wear :) Anna decided to try on the black dress and I took a few spontaneous pictures. 

Anna was worried that the pictures of her in that black dress will not be that great, because she did not feel comfortable in the dress. However, later she loved the photos so much, she insisted I use them for this blog!
I am sure you will agree, she is just an amazing piece of art, expressing romantic vibes even with her serious face as you can see below :)
Obviously, she couldn't even imagine that I will catch exactly those moments she wanted and show her perfect “serious style” :)

                                                                                   Serious Style Pictures:)



Home Portrait Photographer Milton Keynes

Anna decided to change her outfit and put something more cosy and comfy on. She became cheerful and happy. As Anna became more relaxed, she started to enjoy the process of our photo shoot. As you can see, we captured some great shots at her flat.

Portrait Walk & Photoshoot in Milton Keynes

We then decided to go outside and walk along Walton Estate, where Anna lives. We were talking, laughing and having fun throughout this outdoors session. I used 2 cameras with different lenses and it was pure joy to capture those natural moments with Anna. She said I've made some lovely shots, reflecting her true and sincere emotions.  
During our photo walk, we saw a ginger cat which was following us during the photo shoot. Obviously, we are nice people, so cats and other animals are intrigued and insist on following us :)

Portrait Photoshoot in yellow coat in Milton Keynes

Anna decided to put her beautiful yellow coat on to match the ginger cat. Another opportunity to showcase all the different outfits a woman has :) The cat was the other star of the show... I really need to return the cat to its owners lol.

Forest Portrait Photography in Milton Keynes
People ask me where to hold a photo session, to capture the most authentic pictures. Anna was no exception to this. She wanted to have distinctive photos, but she couldn’t visualise where we could go to take them. As a photographer and artist at heart, I am able to see beauty even in those places we pass on a daily basis. All places have their own story to tell, especially if we have the desire to make them interesting! They can be a source of inspiration to create that ‘perfect’ moment we all want. All that is needed is a creative eye, positive approach and our presence.
I decided to take Anna to the forest and take some shots there.
After a couple of good shots, I decided to create those distinctive pictures. I suggested to Anna she could cover herself in her shawl. My creative eye was telling me this was a great suggestion. I showed Anna a couple of pictures on my camera and she was absolutely amazed with them. Another model was born :)

She was so excited after seeing her pics that she started to pose like a professional model and I stopped directing her completely. We decided to change her make up a bit, applying red lipstick to create a more vibrant effect. Anna was so happy when she saw the final pictures with photo editing. She was saying thank you so many times, that I even thought I must really be a great photographer! 

It was a real compliment that Anna chose me as her photographer to make her day special and capture her real, beautiful and natural look. Her hobby is photography. She made great photos for her clients and she trusted me to make amazing pictures for her. We were extremely happy with the results.

Thank You, Anna! So hope to work with you again!
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