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groom and bride in gabriel's wharf shopping centre, south bank bride in bernie spain gardens, south bank

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South Bank Wedding Photographer

I got an enquiry about a wedding photoshoot in central London, South Bank. My clients had a small wedding followed by a photo walk beside the River Thames.

I used a train to get to the city centre of London and then the tube to get to Waterloo station.

At first, I met my clients next to Gabriel's Pier. They told me that they were choosing a South Bank wedding photographer with extra care. They wanted a particular style of pictures. Hence they chose me as their wedding photographer. Undoubtedly, I was over the moon to hear that.

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South Bank Wedding Photographer in Central London

My clients Ioan and Viki chose South Bank area for their wedding photoshoot. South Bank is a lovely area for wedding pictures. For example, we did urban style pictures combined with natural shots on the pierce and the garden. 

The bride and groom wanted natural pictures. That is why we were just doing candid shots at the beginning of our photoshoot. Most importantly, I wanted to put my clients in the right mood. At first, I took some urban style images. After that, we went to the Gabriel pier and made some images there.

South Bank Wedding Photographer Bernie Spain Gardens

Ioan and Viki wanted to take romantic pictures. That is why I suggested going to Bernie Spain Gardens. The garden was not big but compact and green. On the way to the Bernie Spain Gardens, we went through Gabriel's Wharf Shopping Centre. The shopping street was very nice. There were small colourful shops and wooden furniture in the middle of the street. Also, it was decorated with stones and, plants and green bushes.

Overall, I was glad I chose Bernie Spain Gardens as a location for their wedding photography.

Picween South Bank Wedding Photographer's Individual Approach.

Being a wedding photographer, it's always nice to have an individual approach to clients. The main thing is to know the area before the shoot. In other words, it helps to navigate quickly and know all nice spots on the way. So, I knew the location where I took the bride and groom. For instance, if I do not know the area, I come early to look around and find useful spots for wedding portraits. 

After the gardens, I took Ioan and Viki to a nice area with roses. They were throwing rose petals in the air. Meanwhile, I was taking pictures of them smiling and chatting. 

Picween South Bank Wedding Photographer Booking

To sum up, I enjoyed my experience in South Bank and will cover weddings there again. 

If you have any enquiry about wedding photography in South Bank, just text me to find out about prices.

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