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wolverhampton wedding dad walks hid daughter down the aisle Wolverhampton wedding photography, bride mum with sonWolverhampton wedding photography, bride sits on bed in hotel room

Wolverhampton wedding photography, bride preparationWolverhampton wedding photography, bride and groom at wedding ceremony

Wolverhampton wedding photography, bride dress flies in the air Wolverhampton wedding photography, bride looks through veil

Wolverhampton wedding photography, wedding confetti in Ramade Park HallWolverhampton wedding photography, bride in rolls royce car

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Wolverhampton Wedding Photographer

My client contacted me inquiring if I can shoot the wedding in Wolverhampton, so I agreed with great pleasure. I decided to have a great time as a Wolverhampton wedding photographer. I love to drive and travelling to my clients in my car makes me happy:) 

The wedding was quite long. I was shooting all day since early in the morning. That's why I had to leave home at around 7 am to get to Wolverhampton on time. I always make sure I arrive earlier, at least 40 minutes in advance.

Overall, the journey was good. It took me 2 hours of driving one way because the distance was 90 miles from my house.

Wolverhampton Wedding Photographer Holiday Inn, Dunstall Park

Our wedding shoot started in Holliday Inn, Gorsebrook Rd, Wolverhampton. I arrived 1 hour before the bride wanted to start photographing her day. So, I had some time to look around the hotel, see inside and drink some nice cappuccino.

Finally, I met the bride in her hotel room. She introduced me to her mum, dad and aunty. The bride's family was from Lithuania. Therefore, they all spoke the Russian language. The bride wanted some images of her wedding preparation. 

At first, we started to take pictures of her hair and makeup. She booked a lovely hairstylist and a makeup artist. The girls were friendly and performed their job very well. 

Secondly, I took some shots of the bride's dress hanging on the window, her shoes and flowers. We were chatting a lot and made nice shots.

After that, we went outside the Holiday Inn Hotel to do some group family shots. Then the bride and her dad sat in her wedding car. She booked Rolls Royce wedding car in advance. We all drove to the ceremony and reception venue.

Wolverhampton Wedding Photographer Ramada by Wyndham Park Hall Wolverhampton

After the Holiday Inn hotel, we arrived at Ramada by Wyndham Park Hall Wolverhampton. Ramada Park Hall was quite spacious. There was a beautifully decorated garden for the wedding ceremony. Also, there was a big hall inside to make wedding receptions, parties and all sorts of events. The bride had her wedding ceremony and reception there. 

The groom arrived separately and did not see the bride before the ceremony. The bride's father was walking the bride down the aisle. It was very heartwarming. The groom was over the moon when he saw the bride. Meanwhile, I was taking pictures of all of that. 

The ceremony itself lasted for about 40 minutes. I photographed the bride's and groom's emotions during the ceremony, exchanging rings and signing the certificate.

Picween Multicultural Wolverhampton Wedding Photographer

As I mentioned earlier, the bride's family was from Lithuania originally. And they all spoke the Russian language. The bride herself spoke English and Lithuanian. It appeared I was a multicultural wedding photographer in Wolverhampton. On the other hand, the groom was originally from India and spoke two languages, too. As a result, I was switching between two languages.

It's always great to know about different languages and cultures. It's vital to follow and respect the traditions of foreign cultures. 

Picween Wolverhampton Wedding Photographer Private Photoshoot

After the ceremony, we had some time before the reception. So, I took lovely individual pictures of the bride's family members and the bride and groom separately. I asked one of the guests to help me with the bride's dress. I wanted the bride's wedding dress to fly in the air. You can see the image with the dress in the air here in the gallery.

I also covered the bride and groom with the bride's veil and made some romantic images. After that, we all went to the reception hall. The story with pictures about their reception will be in another blog about wedding photography.

In short, I was delighted to be a Wolverhampton wedding photographer. And I definitely would love to repeat that experience any time soon.

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