Frequently asked questions about Picween Photography

Here is your quick guide about my professional photographic services and creative approach to photography.


When do we get our pictures? How many pictures do we get?
That will depend on the package you choose, on overage it usually takes up to 3 weeks to professionally edit wedding pictures and up to 2 weeks to edit portrait, family, event, and children photos. If you choose one-hour photo shoot of any type the editing time will be shortened by 1-2 weeks. You will get 100-150 edited pictures per hour of my work.
What editing you do to our pictures?
I edit ALL images in Lightroom, Capture One and Photoshop. I use different editing software for special purposes:
1)	Skin tone smoothing, skin imperfections removal, teeth whitening, etc.
2)	Tone, temperature, colour and gamma correction, selective color change
3)	Contrast change, curve correction and brightening correction.
4)	Cropping, lens and perspective correction, image size adaption
5)	Noise reduction and unwanted elements removal
6)	Sharpening
7)	Special and artistic effects on some pictures 
We love your photography style — how long have you been a professional photographer?
I started my professional photographic career in 2010 after finishing university. I have been painting since my childhood and absolutely fell in love with photography when I first started to shoot. The Idea to take a camera and start taking pictures came naturally to me, I just felt that I really wanted to create things that may be treasured and preserved. So, I became a photographer. I never treated photography as work. I absolutely adore taking and editing photos. I treat the photographic process as though I am creating a piece of art. With a background in painting, I focus on making bright and artistic images using state of the art editing software.
What kind of photography do you offer? What do you photograph?
I have an extensive experience in capturing different styles of photos. I offer Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Love Story, Portrait, Children and Family, Maternity, Pregnancy, New Born, Fashion, Boudoir, Event, Birthday, Stag and Hen Party, Corporate, Pet, Nature, Black and White Photography.
What differs you from other photographers and why would we want to choose your photographic services?
I am an artist inside; that is why I have a creative mind and understanding of colours and composition. I see the world through a camera lens. I have an enormous imagination and inspiration and adore retouching pictures, creating new effects and presets for photo editing. I will take care of the photographic process and endeavor to completely satisfy you with the end result. And of course, take a look at my portfolio - I think, this will show you my true passion for photography.
How do you work? Do we need to prepare for our portrait, family or other types of shoots?
The amount of preparation you do for your shoot is up to you. For example, if you wish to change outfits during the shoot you will need to have these ready and to hand, but all I really need from you is a positive attitude and good mood on the day.
I will help you with best natural poses and if you need anything else just ask me.
Where do you photograph? Can you travel to another city or town? Do you charge for travel expenses?
I am based in Milton Keynes but I am able to travel all over the UK, Scotland, and Wales to capture my clients’ special days and events. Travel expenses may be charged and are agreed upon at the time of your booking, so no hidden costs will be applied.
Locations covered: London, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Northampton, Bedford, Luton, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham, Southhampton, Wolverhampton, Chester, Peterborough, Ipswich, Sheffield, Leeds, Kettering, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Burton upon Trent and other cities. 
What photographic equipment do you use?
I use professional Canon and Sony cameras and variety of lenses to capture the whole range of images required for my clients. I use Wide Angle Lenses for taking pictures in small rooms, Long Focus lenses for capturing pictures from a long distance, Portrait Lens for taking portraits and close-up photography and Macro Lenses for Macro photography. I use flashlights and artistic backgrounds for photography at your home.
Do you use our pictures online?
Yes, I do! All images I take I do use in commercial purposes as a part of my portfolio unless you want to amend this paragraph in the contract. Usually 5-15% charge may be applied if you do not wish me to use your pictures in my portfolio.
Prices! How much do you charge? We have a budget for photography!
More info in Prices.
NOTE! Everything is flexible and can be amended to suit individual requirements.
I am always open to your ideas, willing to collaborate and work within your budget.

Travel expenses may apply.
I have more questions! I can not find answers in your FAQ!
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